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UEFA European championship 2016.

Hi everyone,

UEFA European Championship 2016 will be played in France next summer. Yesterday it was the drawing and Spain is in Group D with Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Image taken from UEFA

How far is Croatia from Spain? And Turkey? And Czech Republic? Look at the map and think the furthest and the nearest country?
Will Spain go far at EURO 2016?

What about the rest of the groups? Which is the easiest one? And the most difficult?

                                                                   Image taken from BBC

There are two British teams in the same group. Moreover England will play against Wales for the first time at a tournament.

Do you know the name of  any English or Welsh players? Where do they play? Are they famous?

Who will win the tournament next year? Who is your favourite team? And player?

Check the schedule. The first match will be on Friday 10th June and it will face Estonia and France in 

Spain must not repeat the debacle of Brazil world cup.

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