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New resolutions: Why don't you improve your English?

Hi everyone,
Did you enjoy Christmas Day? Did Santa bring you a lot of presents or just a lump of coal?
Do you usually make resolutions for New Year?
What are your new resolutions for year 2016?  What things do you want to improve?
Are you ready to push the reset button? Some ideas:

- Help other people.
- Study more.
- Tidy your bedroom.
- Recycle.
- Save money.
- Wake up earlier.
- Learn or improve your English level.

If you want to improve your English or learn a new language, then you must know this:

Do you know what the CEFR is?

It is the Common European Framewok of Reference for Languages which is an international standard for describing language ability.

These Elementary Podcasts can help you.

If you want to find more content for this level click here.

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