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Advent Calendar.

Hello everyone,
Yesterday most of you received an Advent Calendar. It was a beautiful present for the starting of December. They are a way of counting down to Christmas and they have a window to open for every day from 1st December to 24th, Crhistmas Eve.
It's time to make your list of presents for Santa and The Three Wise Men.

Here you are some questions related to Christmas you must think about.

What is the meaning of Advent? When did it began?
When does it start? What happens during advent?
To get more information click here.

Do you decorate your house?
Why do we put up a Christmas tree?
What does it represent?
What kind of tree is it?
Click here. (It's a little more difficult).

This PEARSON Advent Calendar is very funny. You can learn new things.

Finally you can enjoy this giant calendar in Manchester.

Bye for now.

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