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Classroom library: digital books.

Hello everyone,
Last Black Friday we bought twenty-one new books for our English library. The new books are different as they are digital books and they offer different options.
Here you are the list of  of the books.   Click here to access to the new collection of books.

- Girl on a motorcycle       Sally's phone     The little match girl      London         

- The shoemaker and the elves           The magic cooking pot      England 

- The Canterville Ghost     Robinson Crusoe    Henry VIII and his six wives  

- Hollywood          The Cat        Journey to the west      The skateboarder      

- Moby   Dick         The girl with green eyes       The phantom of the Opera

- Les miserables      Lownu  Mends the Sky        Zombie attack

If you want to check the list of paper books and magazines, then click here.

Some of the students are interested in reading then they want to create an English Reading Club and share opinions and experiences online about the books they read. Would you like to join us?
Our English club works from Tuesdays to Thursdays at 12.30 pm.

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