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Magna Carta or "The Great Charter"

Hello everybody,
Yesterday leaders celebrated 800th anniversary of the "Great charter".
King John I signed and sealed the  Magna Carta. It represents a peace treaty and it is one of the most famous British document. The main principle of this document was that everybody is equal under the law and nobody is above it.

Our pen pals are from Epsom (England) in the county of Surray. The Queen and members of the Royal Family, along with Prime Minister David Cameron and other dignataries, were in Runnymede yesterday, which is also located in the county of Surray.
Runnymede is a National Trust Park today but it was chosen by the King and the barons its ground is very boggy and it prevented battles.

You can see some memorial symbols like this if you visit the park. This was created by the American Bar Association.

Visit this if you want to get more information:
Magna Carta: The Guardian.

English with a twist.

Magna Carta: An introduction.

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