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Kindness boomerang "One day". Stop cyberbullying.

Hello everybody,
Do you believe in kindness boomerang? I do believe.
These days we are listening to sad pieces of news about bullying, cyberbullying and teen depression.

Cyberbullying  can be very difficult to detect as children use technology more and more early. On the one hand, parental supervision becomes crucial, but it's really difficult to control because teenagers use their mobeys at any time and everywhere, and on the other hand schools are yet to understand how to cope with this serious problem.

I want to share this video with you to encourage the spreading of happiness through small acts of kindness.
All of us must combat these intimidations, abuses, threats or physical assaults which are cruel and brutal.

Remember that kindness changes lives. I hope you like this video and the content.

Here you can listen to the song "One day" by Matisyahu and read the lyrics.

I encourage you to know more about the writer and the lyrics.


One day

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