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Give a little bit: Supertramp.

Hello everyone,

This week has been really hard and sad due to the plane which crashed in the French Alps.
Two years ago, there was a terrible accident near Santiago de Compostela. That fateful evening the train was near the station, but it derailed at high speed on a bend on the outskirts of the city.
Many neighbors from Angrois, the neighborhood where the train derailed  went down to help and pull people from the trains until medics arrived. They could save a lot of people.

Angrois, Galicia, Spain.

Seyne-les-Alpes is a village near the site where the plane crashed and neighbors were shocked and troubled. Villagers in the valley have offered beds for the families and other kind of help.

Both Spanish and French neighbors deserve my praise and feel confidence in the kindness of the human being.

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness", Seneca said.

They gave too much. What about if all of us give just a little bit? That is the message Roger Hodgson sends us with his song "Give a little bit". These are his words:

""Give a Little Bit has a wonderful message that makes people light up and I get them to sing with me. It really has a message that is very eternal and is needed even more today than it was when I wrote it when I was 19. The song is very simple but yet very powerful.
It's all about reaching out and giving and caring."

Have a really nice weekend!

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