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Chinese Dragon. Stories.

Hello everyone,
There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac but there is only one which is imaginary: the dragon.
Chinese people think they are descendents of the dragon (it is a belief) and you can see this across some aspects of the Chinese society and in the minds of its people. The dragon is a symbol of high esteem for its dignity and power for goodness.

There are different type of dragons according to colour. They may be white, red, blue, black and yellow.

The yellow one was the most venerated because the emperor had a gown decorated with a yellow dragon pattern.

In spite of the fact there are different kind of dragons, most of them are quite similar and it is a combination of different animals.
It has got a prominent forehead indicating wisdom  and horns symbolizing longevity. Its ox's ears show success. It also has tiger's eyes denoting power and eagle's claws showing bravery. Its fish's tail is a sign of flexibility. Finally the horse's teeth is an indication of intelligence.

The most spectacular way of showing affection for the dragon is the dragon dance. It happens from the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) until the Lantern Festival.

Listen to these stories:
The four dragons.

The great race

Parts of the dragon.

Chinese Year of the dragon.

Which Chinese Zodiac animal do you like?

You can get more information here:
Travel China Guide

Now you can play the game Spot the dragon.

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