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Smoothies: health week. Colegio Santo Domingo Savio.

Hello everyone,
Do you like smoothies? We prepared them for the School Health Week. We only put bananas, strawberries and milk. We didn't add any sugar.

It's very important to rinse the strawberries well under cold water.

Pour Some milk into the jug.

We put everything into a big glass jug and mixed all the ingredients with the blender.

We served it in a plastic glass for each student. Moreover, we also gave the students some serviettes.

When we finished we put the plastic glasses and the serviettes in different bags and took them to the proper container.

We put the pastic in the yellow container.

We put the paper in the blue container.

We put the organic food in the green container.

Rememember that this container it's only for organic food.

And finnally, we put some glass bottles in the green container.

We can help the planet recycling objects we use. Then we will improve our lives and save our natural resources.

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