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Past simple: Regular and irregular verbs. Examples. Role models.

Hello everyone,
Who are your role models? Let me introduce some role models because I have a lot.

Their names are Ainara, Paula, Andrea and Oscar year 6 and 5 students, who get up very early and love learning new things in the school. Every day they come at 8.40 and help his teacher (me) at the ICT room.

They do a lot of things: they plug in the power cord, clean the screens, update the operative system, scan the laptops to avoid malware, tidy the room and when they have spare time they create documents like this to help other students to consolidate theur knowledge about regular and irregular verbs used in the classroom. They also record videos for their British friends to learn Spanish, do cards when a boy or a girls is ill, hang our pieces of work on the school notice board, classify the cards, tick the contacts to create groups. Did you know that they are always kind, polite and helpful? They are brilliant role models for other students.

They have also included some sentences to help them understand this tense.
Above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks a lot for such a valuable work. I feel proud of you.

Remember to praise people when they dedicate their time.

Click here to check their work.

Watch this video about the past and do the activities if you can.

Oscar loves Beatles, I dedicate this song called "Let it be" to celebrate the International Day for the Eliminatio of Violence against Women.

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