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Bullying. Rap.

Hello everyone,
What is bullying?
Bullying is any form a physical, psychological or verbal abuse that a student or a group do a schoolmate over a prolonged period of time.

Why do you think bullying happens? Why do they do it? How do you think they do it?
Why do you think it's difficult to detect? How can we detect it?
Think about the different types of bullying. Can you find them?

You can get more information "ConcursoescolarONCE"
Listen to this rap. Do you like it?

Do you think values are important? Are you respectful?
Do you usually say "Please" and "Thank you" "Sorry" to your classmates and teachers in the classroom?
Are you polite and helpful? How can you make a difference?
Do you help other students in the classroom?
Do you know what a mannequin challenge is? CEIP Hermanos Pinzón students have done this.

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