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England V France: something else than a football match.

Hi everyone,
England host France tonight in a friendly game in London. Wembley stadium prepares an emotional show of solidarity after the terrorist atrocities in Paris. 129 people died and a lot of were injured. French President Francois Hollande said yesterday that victims were of 19 different nationalities.
Last Friday England fans started a campaign to sing the French National anthem before the kick-off.
There will also be a minute's silence and floral tribute for the victims.

The captain of England, Wayne Roonie, said:"On behalf of the players, we'd like to give our condolences. Sad times, a lot of people losing their lives. I spoke to my club team-mates after it happened and it's hard for everyone, including for ourselves, and we have to be as respectful as we can and obviously there is a football match."

This is our tribute for all the victims, the song "All you need is love" which starts with the intro to the French national anthem "La Marseillaise".

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