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All Saints' Day and All Souls's Day.

Hello everyone,
A lot of people celebrated Halloween yesterday.

What did you do?
Did you dress up as a monster?
Did you wear a spooky costume?
Did you go trick or treat with your friends?
Did you visit a lot of homes?
Did you ask for candies door-to-door?

Today is All Saint's Day. It is always celebrated by Catholics the first day of November because it is a holy day. They normally attend Mass on this day.
Thousands of people visit the graves of their relatives in cemeteries and leave offering of flowers in Spain.

Our school is called Santo Domingo Savio (Saint Dominic Savio). Surf the web to answer all these questions if you want.
But who was this boy?
Where was he born? And when?
Did he study? What did he want to be?
Who was his teacher?
When did he die?
What was the cause of his death?
When is his feast?
Who wrote his biography?
When did he become a Saint?

Remember that tomorrow is All Souls' Day.
Do you know the difference between All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day?

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