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Pau Gasol: imperial.

Hello everybody,
Let's continue with basketball. Yesterday Spain defeated France in Eurobasket 2015. France beat Spain in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Spain last year. Yesterday Spain took revenge for that defeat.
Spain is now 6-3 against France in major tournaments over the last seven years

Spain will play the winner of today's semifinal between Serbia and Luthania, in the gold medal game on Sunday.
The Spanish team has also qualified automatically for the Olympics, which will be celebrated in Rio de Janeiro next Year.
"We came here to win the gold and now we have the opportunity to do it", Pau Gasol Said. He was the game hero. He finished with 40 points and 11 rebounds and 3 blocks.

He had a colossal performance. He also said: ""It was an incredible game, so hard-fought by both teams and an extremely difficult game to win here in France against a big team, I am very happy and proud for our team"

Here you can watch part of the post game press conference. Gasol  answers some questions (minute 22:30).

You can get more information EUROBASKETBALL 2015

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