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Autumn Equinox starts today.

Hi everyone,
Today is the first day of autumn. The autumn equinox usually falls 22 or 23 September but in 1931 it fell on 24 September.
The word Equinox is derived from Latin, meaning equal night, although days are still longer.
Google has created a new animated doodle on its homepage to mark the occasion. It shows a little squirrel hiding behind some autumnal squashes.

Image: The Mirror

What happens in the southern hemisphere?
What is the difference between the autumn equinox in the North and South Pole?
How do people celebrate the autumn equinox?
How is the full moon nearest the equinox often called?
When will the next lunar eclipse happen?

Click The Independent to answer these questions.

Stonehenge Autumn Equinox Celebration 2014

Druids meet at Stonehenge to greet the equinox with song and music.

If want to get more information about Stonehenge you must watch "Secrets of Stonehenge".

If you want to travel click Telegraph

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