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World Cup Brazil 2014: Oxfam Education.

Hello everybody,
Yesterday the world cup started with the whole world watching it. Brazil won against Croatia 3-1. Neymar scored two goals and "torcida brasilera" (Brazilian supporters) were really happy.
Oxfam Education has created  this material for teachers which contains some activities to think about the concept of  INEQUALITY.
Are all the countries playing against each other the same?
Have people living in all the countries the same income and life chances?
Is the world a fair place?
Brazil is a country where inequality has been a huge problem for many years. Protests have been held as many citizens feel that in a country where basic services still need to be developed, large amounts of money should not been spent on a mega-sporting event. That's why there are a lot of people against it.
Let's learn something about inequality.

You can fin more information visiting OXFAM EDUCATION

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