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Livingstone, I suppose. Colegio Santo Domingo Savio.

"Livingstone, I suppose".
Hello everybody. Yesterday was Thursday, 8th May and we went to Cervante theatre in Petrer.
We saw the play "Livingstone, I suppose" by the company “Forum Teatro Educación”

We left school at ten o'clock and we got 9 d'octubre park at quarter past ten to have  breakfast before the performance and have a rest.

The play started at quarter past eleven and finished at half past twelve. It was very funny. Dr. Livingstone is the main character. He was an explorer who went to Africa to search for the River Nile birthplace but he got lost.

Did you know that river Nile is the longest river in the world? It’s 6,853 km. long.
Did you know that it the primary water resource of Egypt and northern Sudan.
Did you know that Sahara is the largest desert on Africa continent?

And did you know that Africa is the second largest continent in the world?

We had a really good time. María and other children participated and she sang and danced “The Zulú dance”.
We came back to school at quarter past one.

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