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Champions League for R. Madrid: "La décima".

R. Madrid won the Champions League final last Saturday in Lisbon. They got the 10th European title.
R. Madrid won 4-1 against Atlético. Sergio Ramos scored in the fourth minute of added time. "It is the most important goal I have ever scored. We made history against a great rival.", Segio Ramos said
Then R. Madrid beat Atletico with three goals in the last period of extra time. Gareth Bale scored the second goal with a header in the 110th minute. He said "he was living a dream" after helping R. Madrid win the European Cup for a 10th time. Marcelo and Cristiano finished the job.
They are the most successful European Cup team in history.
"Madrid was better", said Atletico coach Diego Simeone.
Listen to Cristiano Ronaldo's interview after the match.

We are learning the comparative of superiority and the superlative. Does Ronaldo make a mistake using the comparative form of superiority? Listen to him.

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