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Water activities for the last day of class or summer days.

Hello everyone,
Today is the last day of class for nursery and primary school students (Secondary students finished two years ago). So it's a special day for all the students and teachers!
Here you can see some pictures of the water activities students have done in the playground and how we can get valuable information for our groups.

Water activities

These activities allow teachers to see how students interact each other.
The type of language students use.
They also provide information how students approach problem solving.
They give us information about the way they play, I mean fairly or unfairly and how they behave: who complains, who tries, who cheats, who fails and gives up, who learns form mistakes or watching others,

The mat slide

This is one of the best for children.

Transport the water in a small bowl on your head and avoid the big ball.

Water gun fight. 
It's important to have a big container for students to get their "military supplies".

Important outfit:
Flip flops, towels, bags, T-shirts, shorts, swimsuit, trunks, sunglasses, ...

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