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Our famous people/ Role Models

Hello everyone,
Some students have done this presentation about their  famous people.
Each student created a google text document following a chart and shared it with me (the teacher) to revise the work.
Then they had to surf the web to search information about their famous person and complete the chart.
After that they had to fill in the information following the structures.
Finally, they had to insert an image of the famous person. They could only use a page for all the information and pic.
When each student had finished the document, then a coordinator created a presentation and divided the slides for the rest of the members complete the information. Two slides were available for each student, but more than one pic could be inserted this time.
This is a way to integrate the language using TICs.
Our English pen pals are also working the same topic which they will send to us when the finished.

Will they have similar or different role models?

This is the result of the work.

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