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Happy Three Wise Men's Day.

Hello everyone,
Three Wise Men's Day is celebrated in Spain the 6th of December and it is the twelfth day of Chrsitmas also called "Feast of Epifhany". The three wise Men are Caspar, Melchlor and Balthazar. The follow a star across the desert for twelve days until they arrive in Bethlehem.
They offer Jesus these three symbolic presents: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Picture taken from FLICKR "Waiting for the world"

The night before families and friends generally gather and eat chocolate milk and Three King's cake called "roscón de Reyes". The cake has got the shape similar to a king's crown. Children go to sleep after having a piece of cake and wake up very early to check what presents they have got because The Three Wise Men leave presents to children who behave themselves during the year. Children must leave some grass and water for the camels. They can fing the present following the trail camels leave behind.
Where do The Three Wise Men come from? How do they travel to Bethlehem?

They are very tasty, delicious.

This one is huge. It must be for a big family or group of friends.

They are ready for selling.

They are ready for baking.

All the pictures belong to Panadería Fernando Escoda, Sant Joan d'Alacant, Alicante, Spain.

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