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Nawwar and Laec break down barriers with friendship.

Hello boys, Do you appreciate the value of friendship? A good friend gives us conversation, help, companionship, laughter,... Nawwar is a boy from Syria and Alec is from Germany.
Nawwar and his family went from Syria to Germany because they wanted a safer life in Europe.
He was very lucky because other children drowned as they travelled in a crowded raft across the sea from Turkey to Greece.
Nawwar and Alec became friends in Nelson Mandela school in Germany.  Nawwar says: "Alec is a good friend and I play with him". Nawwar learnt English in Syria and Alec in Germany. Alec says: "Nawwar is one of the best readers in the classroom".

This video is very sweet and touching.


Do you like this story?
Do you help other students in the classroom?
Do you respect your friends and teachers?
Have you got a friend from other country?

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