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Usain Bolt: three Olympic gold medals in the 100m. Ready for 200m!

Hi everyone,
Usain Bolt's nickname is "Lightning Bolt" because he is as quick as a bolt of lightning.
He will run for his 8th gold medal tonight in the 200m race tonight and all eyes will be on him.
He currently has got both the world record and the Olympic one in this race.

However, the young Canadian De Grasse pushed him yesterday. This fact has added a some excitement for tonight's race.
This is what De Grasse said after the race:
"I don't think he expected me to do that. I had to push him a little bit, you know, see what he has left in the tank:
Usain Bolt said:
"He was supposed to slow down. "What are you doing? It's a semifinal. I think he wanted to push me.

 The finger indicates: "Wait a moment. Not yet"

Pic taken from:  QUARTZ

It's incredible this man.

Did you know that his best friend is Nugent Walker Junior? They have been friends since primary school. Today, he is also his personal assistant and housemate. Usain can trust him.

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