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France-Portugal. Euro 2016. One of the best moments.

Hi everyone,
How are you? I hope fine, although it's very hot here in Alicante.
Did you watch the European Championship final yesterday? It was really exciting and I suppose that Real Madrid fans are very happy because the most famous Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, plays for this team. He went off injured in the first half, but the worst moment of his career became the best at the end.

Portugal beat France in the extra time at the Stade de France in Paris.
It's Portugal's first European championship title. Ronaldo lifted the trophy and broke down in tears at the final whistle.

Pepe, another Portuguese player, who also plays for Real Madrid (centre-back defender) said after the match:
"There was a lot of suffering, a very intense game. We fought very hard. We had to work very hard and be more humble than the other team, that's the only way to win. We represented Portugal, a very beautiful country of immigrants and we represent every one of them. This goes out them."
Pepe took Man of the Match honours because he gave a defensive masterclass.

French fans were very sad and Portuguese supporters were very happy. Look at this Portuguese boy consoling a French fan after the match. It is one of the moments of Euro 2016.

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