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Essena O'Neli Social Media Depression short film.

Hello everyone,
How fake is your life online? Do you know Essena O'Neil. She is a 19-year-old model from Queensland, Australia. She had more than 600,000 Instagram fans following her, but she stopped using social media because she felt miserable and with serious problems. She  deleted her Instagram account and decided to leave the life of a viral media star.
She said: "Having it all on social media means nothing absolutely to your real life".

REMEMBER: Social media is what you make of it: good or bad. You mustn't link your self-esteem to the attention you are receiving from putting your INSTAGRAM profile on the internet.

Watch this video which producer Kerith Lemon explores in a short film which got an Award winning.  Think about it and talk to other friends and teachers about it.

Get more information. The life you've curated online.

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