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Australian boomerang.

Good morning everyone,

Saúl R. Year 6 student, loves origami and he is going to show us how to make a really cool origami boomearng. Do you know what a boomernag is? Australian aborigenes used it as a hunting weapon.

Are you eco-friendly? It's very important to be eco-friendly if we want to help and protect animals in danger. Saúl is fully aware of the importance of caring the environment.

Follow Saúl's instructions to make a fantastic origami boomerang:

1. Cut the the paper in two halves. We only need one half for making one boomerang.
2. Fold paper in half  on the vertical axis.
3. Fold both sides.
4. From the paper in half, the top down to the bottom.
5. Fold the top right and left corners to the center.
6. Unflod paper and rotate.

Watch the video.

Now he's going to use Spanish language.

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