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Valeria's Menu. At her restaurant.

Hello everyone,
It's near two o'clock and I am a little hungry. What about you?
What is your favourite food? And your favourite drink?

Remember is important to have a healthy diet?
Look at Valeria's Carte at her glamourous restaurant. Do you like eating à la carte?

- What is your favourite food? Do you like spaguetti carbonara?
- What about mousse? What is your favourite flavour? Mine is chocolate.
- Do you usually have pizza for dinner? What is your favourite flavour?
- Do you like soup? If yes, do you prefer fish or chicken?
- And desserts, what do you usually ask for dessert when you go to a restaurant?

Look at the Menu again and anwer these questions:
What is the cheapest food? And the most expensive?
How much is the ice-cream?
How much is the mango and strawberry sorbet?
How much is the four cheese (quatro formaggi) pizza?

Do you like Valeria's children menu? It's great.

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