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30th January. School Day of Non-violence and Peace.

We have displayed some peacemakers and we have created a QR code to get more information about them. Our students made a project about these pepacemakers you can see on the picute below two years ago.

We have also sung the song  "El mismo sol" by Álvaro Soler.

There is a  pecial version of "El mismo sol" ft. Jennifer López.

Children are sticking their sun to make a big one. You can read Malala's message in the middle:
"Un niño, un maestro, un lápiz y un libro pueden cambiar el mundo".
"A boy, a teacher, a pencil and a book can change the wolrd".

Students, teachers and parents went out to the playgroung yesterday morning at midday to sing the song "Bajo el mismo sol".

"Bajo el mismo sol" by Álvaro Soler ft. Jennifer López Spanish version.

"Under the same sun" Álvaro Soler ft. Jennifer López English version.

Which version do you like more?

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