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What do you wanna be for Halloween?

Hello everybody,
Tomorrow is Halloween and a lot of people are going to celebrate it.
Have you got a costume? If not, think about what you wanna be for Halloween. Look at this picture and you can get some ideas.

Do you want to be a smelly scarecrow? Do you want to be a miserable  death?

Do you want to be a terrifying pumpkin? Do you want to be a walking skeleton?

Do you want to be a black cat? Do you want to be a wicked witch?

Do you want to be an old skull? Do you want to be a hairy werewolf?

Can you think about other ideas? Work in pairs.
I want to be a_________________________.

Draw what you want to be for Halloween and sing this song. Invent your funny costume, if you like.

Knock, knock, trick or treat?
Who are you?
I am a_______________________.
I am a_______________________.
C’mon give me a ______________.

Year 5 student, Almudena, has invented this costume for Halloween. Do you like it?

Visit this page if you want to draw your costume on line.

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