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Jackline Kiplimo: Winning is not everything. Taiwan Marathon.

Hello everybody,
Do you know Jackeline Kiplimo? She was born in 1984 in Kenya. She started athletics when she was in primary school. She normally runs half marathons and marathon races. Her husband is also an athlete and he is Jackeline's coach and manager.

This story happened in China on March 28, 2010. Jackeline saw a Chinese man calling upon his countrymen and fellow athletes to give him water.

They just looked at him and passed. Jackeline was at ten kilometre mark and was leading.

 The weather was hot and humid and even the most able athletes were getting dehydrated.
"I have never regretted helping the man. To me, he was not a stranger, but someone who needed my help. Said Kiplimo!". She got the second position in the race. Her countryside Emily Samoei won the race.

She started running in 2004 while she was in primary school.
But she used to run a 1,500 metres race. She also took  long distance running in 2007 and She now run 21 and 42 kilometres.
She is married to Fredrick Kiplimo who is also a runner and they have got a child. They train together most of the time.
I have faced many challenges in my running career, but the major one is financial problems.
Her role models are her fellow Kenyan athletes Lydia Jerome, Moses Kiptanui and Sharon Jerop.

Remember: "Winning is not everything".

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