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Saint Geroge's Day. Book day.

Hello everyone,
Today we are celebrating Saint George's Day in our school and students are reciting poems, telling stories to little children, displaying their works and drawings.
This year the topic is about China and the school has been decorated with dragons, proverbs and legends related to this huge country.
This afternoon is open house and parents can visit the school and see their children's performances.

Here you can see some pictures.

Saint George is celebrated on April 23rd in England and other countries around the world, included Spain. One of the legends says that he beat the dragon, saving the princess from its jaws.
He's the Patron of Alcoi where the festival of Moors and Christians is the most important event of the year in this place. They commemorate events that happened in the 13th century.

In Catuluña, Saint George is also very popular, he's "Sant Jordi" there (Catalan name) and he's also the patron. This day is the day of roses and books. People usually buy some books and men give a rose to women.

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