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The power of music.

Hello everybody,
Do you believe in the power of music? Then you shouldn't miss this video.
Adrián Martín is a boy from Vélez-Málaga, Spain. He is only 9 years old, he loves singing and his favourite type of music is flamenco (I must say that I love that music).

Flamenco is comprised of three parts: the song, the dance and the guitar. Moreover, you must add passion, feelings and rythm. In other words, "It's a hard nut to crack", as Paco de Lucía said.

He won the TV talent show "Mamá, quiero ser artista" and I am really excited after listening to him.
He sings with his sister a beautiful song by Rosario Flores called ¡Qué bonito!

Congratulations, Adrian and family. Your voice and your feeling are incomparable.

Adrián is a clear example of improvement.
He has demonstrated that he has got these characteristics well developed:
- Sociability: Form healthy relationships.                          
Insightfulness: Understand people and situations.
- Optimism: View self and the future positively.                            
- Competence: Are "good" at something, and are aware of own skills.
- Flexibility: Accept that change is a part of living.                            
- Perseverance: Continue despite difficulty, doesn't give up.
- Self- confidence: Move toward goals. Bases decisions/choices on own instincts and confidence in own abilities.                 
- Perspective: Try to see even difficult situations in perspective. Views crises as challenges to be faced, rather than insurmountable obstacles.
- Self control: Manage strong feelings and impulses.
This last information has ben taken from the article Developing resiliency in children in the face of adversity.                  

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