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Quantifiers: Some and Any

Hello everybody,
We are studying quantifiers SOME and ANY. They are a kind of detrminer.
We use some and any with countable (plural) and uncountable nouns. They indicate the quantity of something.
We use some in affirmative sentences.
There is some chocolate.   There is some sugar in the bowl.
There are some apples.      There are some carrots.

We use any with countable (plural) and uncountable nouns in negative and questions.

Is there any flour in the cupboard?      Is there any salt on the plate?

Are there any plates in the kitchen?     Are there any cherries in the basket?

You can use these cards for students to participate.

We use some in questions when offering or requesting something.
Would you like some cake? (Offer)
Can I have some cheese, please? (Request)

Extension: Watch this clip if you want to learn more.

Some, Any, Every and No.

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