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European Day of Languages: Languages spoken in Europe.

Hello everyone,
We are going to celebrate European Day of Languages on 26 September.
This year we are going to send our English pen pals a card with the phrase "Somos amigos/We are friends" in different languages.
We are going to use the App "Google translator" to investigate it.

Here you can check a list of languages spoken in Europe.

Do you know how to say "We are friends" in different languages?

How many languages can you speak? And how many would you like to speak?

Blanca, Judith and Valeria have created these cards for their pen pals.

Blanca, Year 5 B.

Judith, Year 6 A

Valeria, Year 6 B

REMEMBER: ALWAYS protect your personal information (Name, age address, phone number, or other personal information).

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