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Recipes and imperative.

Hello everyone,
Lucía M, Year 6 student, has created this presentation to explain how to make pancakes to us.

Look at these recipe books? Are the instructions similar?

We use the imperative form when we want to tell someone to do something.
We also see imperative verbs  in recipes.
 Imperative verbs (Bossy verbs) give orders or instructions. Can you remember these verbs from pancakes and smoothies? They are all imperatives.

Wash   Peel   Cut   Mix   Pour   Put   Cook  Toss   Heat    Drink    Eat   Sugar
Notice we use the base form of the verb:
Wash the strawberries  Add some sugar    Peel the onions    Put some milk in the jar   Mix the pancake.

To make a negative imperative put DO NOT or DON'T:

Don't cook it.   Don't peel the apples.   Don't add any salt.

You can use "please" to be more polite.
Don't make so much noise please.   Pass me the salt please.

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