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Christmas activities.

Hello children,
Christmas is a Christian festival. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. A lot of people who are not Christians also celebrate Christmas. People send Christmas cards to friends and family. Many people also visit family and friends at this season. Christmas is a holiday time for most people in the United Kingdom.
Information taken from: ESOL courses

Let's practise some English words for Christmas.
Look at this presentation created by Lucía R, 6º B last year.


1. Revise this Picture vocabulary

2. Picture vocabulary matching quiz.

3.  Wordsearch

Online games

4. Santa Snowball shoot

5. Run Santa Run

6. Christmas maze

7. The biggest Christmas tree

8. Matching game

Stories (video)

9. The gingerbread man.

10. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

11. The elves and the shoemaker

12. The Christmas story


13. Rudolph The red-nosed reindeer

14. Santa Claus is coming

15. Jingle bells

Christmas greetings
16. 1.  Send an online Christmas card.
16.2 Christmas e-cards
Santa online coloring

17. Coloring Santa

Book with vocabulary, activities, traditions, songs, special days.
18. Book 

Christmas stories (Reading)
19. Stories

20. Kids recipes

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