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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland

Hello children,
This is the flag of the United Kingdom.
The flag is red, blue and white.

Flag Institute (Image labeled for reuse)

Let's learn more about this flag and his composition.
It consists of:
- The red cross of Saint George, the Patron of England.

Flag of England (Labeled for reuse).

- The white saltire (diagonal) of Saint Andrew, the Patron of Scotland.
It is said that Saint Andrew was martyred on such a cross.

Flag of Scotland (Labeled for reuse)

- The red saltire of Saint Patrick, the patron of Northern Ireland.

Flag of Northern Ireland (Labeled for reuse).

- Wales is not represented. Look at The Union Jack and check if it has got this fierce dragon.

Flag of Wales (labeled for reuse).

Eugenia Araujo has created this interesting presentation. 
It helps us understand better The United Kingdom.

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