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Numbers, Days and Months

Hi everyone,
We are revising cardinal and ordinal numbers.
As you know, cardinal numbers represent amounts like five, ten, twenty.
Ordinal numbers represent a place in a serie. Every year we create folders to organise our work. We create three folders which contain these ordinal numbers: First, Second and Third.

Imagine you want to design an invitation for your birthday, can you write the date correctly?
We need to know some rules to avoid important mistakes.
There are different ways of writing the date in English.
Go to English club to get more information.

Now let's play some games.
  Ordinal number- Counting game

Cardinal and ordinal memory game

Write the ordinal number in the blank

. Days of the week.

. Months of the year.

. Expressions of time.

. Hangman

. Cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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